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Our Clients Know Best

“You taught me how to see the world differently, introduced me to a language without words and yet it's something I feel I have always known deeply as a part of who I really am
I guess you could say you helped me see what actually is”

Hu Mility

“I don't know David personally-only through f.b. messages and posts over the last year but he seems like a great guy. Highly motivated, intelligent and very creative, he's always pushing it. He is very open with sharing information and was really helpful getting me to build my own set-up. (sent me a WHOLE LOAD of links and info on christmas day-nice christmas present!)

O.k, his posts can sometimes need careful reading to fully understand but if that's how he chooses to express himself, that's fair enough.

David is one of the very few people who have made my life more interesting.”

Carl Jordan 

“My sensitivity to energy fields has become stronger in recent years and David's work makes visible things I feel or sense, but rarely see with my eyes. I am impressed by his ability to built electronic instruments. Thank you for your work, David.”

Jen Up

“I just followed David today. He is truly amazing and I believe there is a lot of value in this work. “

Clement Lui

“I'd heard of cymatics before but only ever saw stills/photos of the work. Seeing you bring them to life and displaying videos has brought a whole new perspective to them for me. Actually seeing them moving or living has been a brilliant experience and has made me want to try and recreate the experience myself (maybe one day) but for now I just enjoy your work and the videos you create.”

Jack Martin

“I am very happy following David, I have learned so much, and I am looking forward to whatever he is doing next!”

Rhonda Carroll

“Your articulation is sexy.  It’s Your ability to express the precession of your mind flowing with the visual expression driven by exploration.  You follow through to the other side of insight.  Some, many people have no idea or possibly the idea is distorted.  Matter only become matter when it matters.”

Jessica Twiddy

“One thing I have enjoyed is that you give the facts of what you have set up and the visuals speak for themselves. In the way that microscopes and microphones collected data our awareness couldn't pick up on its own, your videos of sound vibrations and frequencies made visible with water and light seem to demonstrate another clue to creation. In the beginning was the word, (sound, vibration, frequency) and by that, all things we "see" appeared.
"The spirit of God moving upon the waters" .  Spirit - breath - wind ...
Stream of consciousness comment, for what its worth.
Thank you for your work and for sharing it!! We are all made better for it!”

Susan Diane Cummings

“Your work is awesome on all levels.. love ART.. Spirit language needed. Maybe you can include your life glyphs in the book .. At least a chapter? 🙂”

Luna Valentinus

“Thank you David Schiermeyer for your generosity. David gifted me a Life Viewer and very nice starter equipment to practice Cymatics at home. 

Thank you for the tips about frequency, pan size and general set up. I'm very grateful and looking forward to practicing Bubble Cymatics in the coming year!

 Gretchen Cooper

 First Lady G Photography  and 5dcymatic “

Gretchen Cooper

Testimonials: Testimonials
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